Charitable Gift Planners of Nebraska will present its 2017 Community Sower Award to recognize meritorious service by for-profit charitable advisors in Nebraska. We honor professionals advising clients and customers concerning their charitable planned gifts.

Recent Community Sower Award recipients include Nick Taylor of Fitzgerald Schorr, Larry Dwyer of Dwyer & Headley, Jan Krotter Chvala of the Krotter Law Group, Mark Weber of Silverstone and Janet Labenz of Labenz & Associates LLP.

Nominations are sought primarily from CGP of Nebraska members, though nominations may be made by anyone under the following guidelines:
• Active in the for-profit advisor community, including those working in Nebraska as attorneys, accountants, consultants, and trust officers as well as advisors in investments, financial planning, or insurance
• Ten or more years of experience as a charitable advisor to generous individuals
• Highly regarded by peers in the professional and charitable communities, especially reflected by the nominee’s skills, knowledge, ethics, and collegiality
• Tangible evidence of work that the nominee has increased the quantity and quality of charitable planned gifts in Nebraska
• The nominee will be available to personally receive the award

A nomination form is provided; the current and past presidents of the CGP of Nebraska will review nominations. More than one finalist may be selected. The 2017 Community Sower Award, a memento depicting the Nebraska Capitol Sower, will be presented in person at the CGP of Nebraska Awards Luncheon held at the Quarry Oaks Clubhouse near Ashland, Nebraska on December 1, 2017 at 11:00 am.

October 6 Call for nominations distributed in the charitable community
November 8 Deadline for nominations
November 15 Finalist(s) selected, additional support material requested
December 1 2017 Community Sower Award presented

Contact Information
Nominee is likely to be available to accept this award at the Annual Meeting.