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Promoting Community

Promoting Community

CGPNE promotes community through initiatives that promote education and recognize service to the community. Ways CGPNE promotes community include: awarding community members with the Community Sower Award and the J. Robert Sandberg Award each year; making an annual gift to a charity; and guests attending 1 meeting a year for free. Learn more below.

Guests Attend Free: Anyone may attend one CGPNE regular meeting (excludes Give & Gain Conference and December annual meeting) free of charge. Guests are always welcome; let's share the benefits that CGPNE has to offer!

Free Regular Meetings for a Year: Every time you bring a guest with you to a regular meeting (excludes Give & Gain Conference and December annual meeting), your name is entered in a drawing. One lucky member will win free admission to all regular meetings for a year. The winner is announced at our December annual meeting.

Annual Charitable Gift: Each year, the board of directors selects a worthy charitable organization to receive a donation on behalf of CGPNE. Contact a board member to nominate an organization to receive this gift.

Awards: Each year at the annual December meeting two awards are given out by CGPNE. The Community Sower Award is awarded to someone who works with community members to make an impact for non-profit organizations. The J. Robert Sandberg Award goes to someone who has made an impact of those in the non-profit profession while working directly for a non-profit.